The clinic's mantra:

We strive to always be


We take pride in honesty, so together we find the treatment that is best for you.


We have all been in the profession for many years and our philosophy at the clinic is that you feel safe. So if there is something you find unsafe, we will have a chat about it.


We have many professionals at the clinic and therefore we try as far as possible to be flexible in relation to finding a time that fits into your everyday life.

Our people



Dental hygienist/Clinic owner

Trine is the first professional you meet when you come as a new patient for examination. She is calm and takes her time so you feel safe and welcome. Trine qualified as a dental hygienist in 2001 and has since been employed in private practice. Alongside employment in private practice, Trine has taught the dental nursing students at SKT at the University of Copenhagen. Trine also has experience in teaching and holding courses in Airflow.




Peter qualified as a dentist in 1998. He has worked in private practice since then and joined the clinic in 2007, where he was the clinic owner from 2009-2022. Peter primarily deals with general dental tasks.




Evelina has been in the profession since 2001. First as a dental hygienist and in 2007 she graduated from the University of Copenhagen as a dentist. Since then, Evelina has worked both in private practice and as clinic manager in Children's Dental Care in the municipality of Copenhagen. Evelina looks forward to welcoming you and takes pride in making you feel safe with her.



Clinic assistant

Sila will be one of the first people you meet at the clinic when you walk through our door. She will meet you with her smiling and lovely being. Sila has many years of experience as a clinic assistant and has been trained since 2005. Sila has been associated with the clinic since 2011. On a daily basis, Sila will be found at the reception or assisting the dentists and the dental hygienists at the clinic.