NOTE: On you can see the services for the independent dentists associated with our clinic, Evelina Maggiolo and Peter Villquist.

Dental care services where health insurance subsidies are provided

Regulated on 1 April and 1 October
Service numberServicePatient share
1112Basic diagnostic examination from the age of 26176,89
1113Basic diagnostic examination from the age of 26103,18
1114Status examination from the age of 26176,89
1115Status examination from the age of 26103,18
1116Focused investigation145,06
1150Bitewing's status survey225,88
1152Bitewings in connection with Focused investigation225,88
1153Bitewings in connection with Focused DG and DGBU225,88
1181Examination of a patient referred by a dentist136,92
1182Referral for examination by a dentist136,92
1300X-ray recording161,52
1301Dental cleaning A (at least 15 teeth)221,36
1302Teeth cleaning B (maximum 14 teeth)159,16
2920Individual preventive treatment175,58
2921Extended preventive treatment397,00
Periodontal prevention and treatment
1415Periodontal examination and diagnostics510,13
1425Extended Teeth Cleaning303,26
1431Tooth root cleanings114,55
3020Consultation without treatment167,76
No-show – depending on the allocated time
270,00 kr.

Free services at the dental hygienist

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